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Why should you consider becoming part of our team? Succinctly put, we think that you can make as much if not more money with superior working conditions. Our sheer size allows us to make data and technology investments in the firm creating substantial appraiser efficiencies that smaller operations simply cannot afford or even consider. Additionally, our size allows individuals to specialize in a particular niche, giving you opportunity to capitalize on the reuse of data and knowledge.

On the technology side, we have developed a proprietary database that serves as a vehicle to share information amongst our people. As an example, with a few keystrokes our people can identify the last 50,000-100,000 square foot industrial buildings completed by members of our firm within 3 miles of a property over the past 12 months and quickly access all the information from those reports. No more starting from scratch every time! Our objective is to give our people - we hope you - the tools you need to be able to process information as efficiently as possible.

We've also invested in a network infrastructure that allows access to all information in the office from the convenience of your own home. For those that choose this route, no more wasted commuting time!

Our compensation system is market based but our efficiencies created by capitalizing on technology allow our appraisers to attain higher billing levels and corresponding higher income. Staff appraisers have a complete benefits package including expense reimbursements, health insurance offerings, 401K and profit sharing plans.

If you would like additional information about the firm or would like to inquire about employment please contact Ron DeVries, MAI, FRICS at 312.565.3432 or


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