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Gene Stunard established Appraisal Research Counselors in 1968. We are the largest commercial appraisal firm headquartered in Chicago. We are both a national firm dealing with investment grade property and a neighborhood firm appraising commercial, multi-family and single family properties for local and regional lenders.

Appraisal Research Counselors celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2003. We chose our name to identify what we do. Clients tell us they want value-added services delivered quickly and efficiently. We listen.

Appraisal has been an integral part of our past and will remain so into the future. We have consulted on hundreds of millions of feet of commercial property and hundreds of thousands of multi-family residential units in every part of the Chicago Metropolitan area, 38 states and Canada. Our knowledge base and files go back 40 years. It is a resource and a foundation for many additional studies.

Our Research mission is to save time and improve the quality of decisions. Because we listen, we understand your needs. We can help define the question and find the needle in the haystack. We are also well aware that research isn’t just data – its presentation. Our goal is research in a useable format. Our widely read Downtown Chicago Residential Benchmark Report is a quarterly publication that includes detailed data on (1) the 30,000 new units constructed since 1990, (2) the next 10,000 to 12,000 units that will be added, and (3) an apartment rent trend survey covering 16,000 units. With each quarterly edition totaling approximately 500 pages, it is our most prominent publication.

Our Counselors product provides the market knowledge and insight to make the best real estate decisions. This is where we shift from the “what is” to the “what can be.” We refer to it as looking out of the engine rather than the caboose of the train. Our foundation is a 30-year history of monitoring market trends, watching the cycles and anticipating the next turn. Like research, counseling takes many forms.

The next 35-years are going to be an exciting time. The information age is transforming real estate in ways not yet even thought of. The business of business will be there – and so will we.

What’s in a name? A lot!


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