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Appraisal Research Counselors, located in downtown Chicago, is a real estate APPRAISAL, RESEARCH AND CONSULTING firm. Established in 1968, we are the largest commercial appraisal firm headquartered in Chicago. We are both a national firm dealing with investment grade property and a neighborhood firm appraising commercial, multi-family and single family properties for local and regional lenders.

We take pride in being independent, avoiding conflicts of interest arising from collateral activities such as accounting, brokerage, construction and development. We typically quote fixed fees or work on hourly rates. We do not accept commissions or contingency fees. Other professional disciplines are comfortable referring clients and sharing information with us; knowing we will not compete with them.

Our size offers the advantage of being able to handle your appraisal, research and counseling needs, no matter how large or small. We staff with experienced professionals so that emergency service is available when you need it.

Although we have the latest hardware, software and proprietary subscription services, we know that expert appraisal/counseling is not a mathematical calculation. We understand and appreciate the Art while taking full advantage of the Science.

Real estate markets are complex. No one is proficient with all property types in all locations. Our firm can provide APPRAISAL, RESEARCH AND COUNSELING in a timely, professional manner to meet the needs of today's fast moving markets.

Appraisal Research Counselors has a very diversified practice. We are active participants on a day-to-day basis in virtually every real estate market based on property type. Whether your property is a neighborhood 6-flat or a 60-story high-rise, a mom & pop storefront or a regional community center, a local dentist’s office or a major medical office complex, a contractor’s storage yard or a massive hot water heater factory, an economy hotel in rural Wisconsin or luxury resort on the Magnificent Mile - we have the core competence to complete the assignment in a timely and professional manner. Every major company has key phrases which succinctly state what they offer. One of ours is Market Facts – Market Solutions.



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