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Lease-by-lease analysis software (usually Pro-Ject or Argus) will be utilized as appropriate for properties involving varying lease terms and/or uneven cash flows. Another high-tech tool we utilize is Geographic Information Software (GIS). We have the capability to standardize, geocode and data-mine virtually any real estate database as well as read your map files in most common formats (ARC/INFO, ESRI, Map Info, Tiger, Maptitude, Arcview, ETAK, Oracle, SQL, DB2, GeoTiIFF). One example is Sampled Trend Analysis based on the approximate 110,000 residential sales reported each year to the MLS. This bottom-up approach permits refined demographic analysis of key real estate variables (versus allocated estimates based on national patterns). We have professionals on staff familiar with the software intricacies; but we also have the common sense and real estate aptitude to realize software is simply a tool in the valuation process. On the multi-family side, we have significant experience with the FNMA DUS programs as well as Freddie Mac, working with lenders such as ARCS Commercial Mortgage, GMAC Commercial Mortgage, Northmarq Capital, Reilly Mortgage and Red Capital.


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