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We take pride in being independent, avoiding conflicts of interest arising from collateral activities such as accounting, brokerage, construction and development. We do not accept commissions or contingency fees. Other professional disciplines are comfortable referring clients and sharing information with us; knowing we will not compete with them.

Advisory Services/Strategic Planning
We can act as independent financial advisors regarding real estate decisions. Whether driven by financial reporting requirements or strategic planning needs, when fair market value is required, it is important to have unbiased professional service. Our self-contained reports are designed for presentation to the Board of Directors, SEC, bondholders, creditors, stockholders and/or government agencies.

Architectural Design Review
Architects design buildings. We provide owners an understanding of market trends so that the building optimizes value. Market feedback encourages tweaking designs to increase rents/prices and reduce construction costs. The result is absorption and profit.

Desk Reviews, Drive-By’s & Due Diligence
Need a quick answer from a trusted expert? Call us. The decision is yours; but we can provide the expertise that will save you time and improve the quality of your decisions.

Economic Impact Studies
We have completed Economic Impact Studies on projects such as Trump Tower Chicago and Columbus Hospital. When government agencies require you to have the answer, we can provide the third-party unbiased analysis.

Environmental Contamination
Asbestos, groundwater contamination, heavy metals, and landfills all affect real estate value. We understand the issues and provide unbiased analysis for defendants, plaintiffs, owners and purchasers.

Feasibility/Highest & Best Use Analysis
A proposed project may be possible and permitted, but often, only an analysis based on market facts by a third-party professional will convince a lender, equity investor or government agency. As the largest independent commercial appraisal firm headquartered in Chicago, our staff are in the trenches and have the knowledge and expertise you demand.

Forensic Appraisal/Litigation
We have prepared market supported valuations on a retrospective basis as far back as 1924. Our files go back to 1958. We can document market data and trends to the beginning of the 19th century.

We also have the expertise to delve into the details and untangle the myriad of issues involved in appraisal review for litigation purposes.

Housing Demand Analysis
We have been involved in the analysis and valuation of the majority of new construction occurring in Chicago over the last thirty years. We can prepare Need and Demand, Housing Demand Analyses, Economic Impact Studies, Feasibility and Highest and Best Use Studies.

Intelligent Conversations
We respect the expertise of our clients and we know that sometimes, all you need is a trusted professional to act as a sounding board. Call us today.

Market Studies
Markets evolve. Our market studies identify the primary competition and analyze specific properties against the backdrop of the marketplace. Reports are prepared for owners, investors, lenders and government reporting requirements.

Risk Analysis
Each site has multiple development options. The differences in returns between some of the schemes may be slight. Final decisions will likely be based on varying capital requirements and perceived risk. We can help you map out the alternatives in a consistent format.

Tax Counseling
Real estate is taxing. Our analysis focuses on market value, and we work comfortably with both owners and assessors as well as with estate, donation and minority interest issues.

Tenant Lease Analysis
Should your brokerage firm be providing your counseling? We can provide the impartial expertise that will save you time and improve the quality of your decisions.

Zoning Changes
Testimony regarding valuation issues is provided on a regular basis by our staff professionals. Assignments range from simple appearances before the board to complex litigation


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