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Gail Lissner: Condo development trends see a change of pace
New Homes Magazine, October 2008
The residential development trends in downtown Chicago are undergoing a transformation, as record numbers of new condominium units are completing construction and few new buildings are breaking ground. Downtown Chicago is nearing the end of a four
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Lissner: Buyers taking a ?wait and see? approach to home decisions
New Homes Magazine, June 2008
Buyers are continuing to wait on the sidelines so far in 2008, although there are some very enticing opportunities for buyers with good credit. A decrease in the number of potential buyers actively shopping the market along with attractive interest
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Expect few new announcements in 2008 as developers move existing product
New Homes Magazine, March 2008
by Gail Lissner - Home pricing in the Chicago market has been holding up well through November 2007, based on the S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index, which tracks changes in values of existing homes in 20 major markets throughout the United States.
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Downtown market adjusting to slower pace, rolling out fewer condominium developments
New Homes Magazine, August 2007
by Gail Lissner - Slow but steady may be the mantra for downtown Chicago?s new-construction condo market this year. During the first half of 2007, 14 new projects with a total of 1,700 units started marketing programs downtown. That pace so far put
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Downtown builders get creative to stand out in buyers' market
New Homes Magazine, May 2007
by Gail Lissner - So far, 2007 does not appear poised to break any records for new-home sales, but the market looks fairly healthy. Sales at downtown condominium developments during the first quarter of 2007 did not match the record levels of 20
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Suburban Chicago Residential Market - 3rd Qtr 2006
Apt.itudes, (Chicagoland Apartment Association), November 2006
Gail Lissner and Ron DeVries - Suburban Chicago - Rents are up. Occupancy is up. Condo conversions have reduced supply and the pipeline for new units remains low. Where do we go from here? The 3Q06 survey results presented in our Suburban....
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Condo conversions shift to suburbs, as Millennium Park boosts city sales
New Homes Magazine, October 2006
by Gail Lissner - During 2006, condominium conversion activity shifted dramatically to the suburbs of Chicago. Developers converted more than 4,000 suburban units from rental to condominium ownership in 2006, a year when only one downtown Chica
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Sales still strong as downtown condo building continues at record levels
New Homes Magazine, August 2006
by Gail Lissner - The pace of condominium development in downtown Chicago continues at record levels, and despite rumblings about softening demand, sales of new units and demand for rental apartments remain strong in the city center. You might
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Downtown Chicago Residential Market - 2nd Qtr 2006
Apt.itudes, (Chicagoland Apartment Association), July 2006
by Gail Lissner and Ron DeVries - The 2006 survey results presented in our Downtown Chicago Residential Benchmark Report clearly demonstrate the strength of the downtown rental market. Job growth, depletion of supply due to the 2005 condo conver
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Downtown condo development continued at record-breaking pace in first quarter
New Homes Magazine, May 2006
by Gaill Lissner - Talk of a housing bubble lingers, resales soften, and other major real estate markets slow, but in Chicago, sales of new downtown condos continue to break records. Developers sold approximately 1,850 new units downtown during
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After record year in 2005, builders continue downtown condo boom
New Homes Magazine, February 2006
by Gail Lissner - Encouraged by record-breaking condo sales in downtown Chicago last year, when nearly 8,200 new units sold, developers are gearing up for a repeat performance in 2006. Builders will be working hard this year to deliver the massive
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Attractive rehabs, pricing and locations let conversions compete with new condos
New Homes Magazine, November 2005
by Gail Lissner - By the end of 2005, more than 4,000 rental units in downtown Chicago will have converted to condominiums, according to estimates by Appraisal Research Counselors. That represents the biggest conversion market since the record Ch
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'05 condo conversion boom offers buyers more variety than '70s wave
New Homes Magazine, October 2005
by Gail Lissner - During 1979, the height of condomania in the Windy City, nearly 4,800 rental apartments were converted to condominiums in downtown Chicago. That was double the number of conversions recorded in any year before or since ? until n
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Wall Street Journal article raises concerns about Chicago's condo market
Appraisal Research Counselors, June 2005
A June 22, 2005 article in the WSJ (Chicago?s Condo Market Shows Signs of Cooling) paints a rather abstract picture. The highlighted message of the article is ?The bubble is starting to break.? This message is rather inflammatory ? and wrong.....
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Housing Watch - Downtown's record building matched record buying in 1st quarter of '05
New Homes, June 2005
by Gail Lissner; Housing Watch - If 2004 was a big year for new housing in downtown Chicago - and hefty sales figures and ubiquitous construction cranes leave little doubt - 2005 has the potential to be even bigger.....
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2004 Year in Review - Downtown Chicago Residential Market Overview
Apt.itudes, (Chicagoland Apartment Association), February 2005
by John Jaeger and Gail Lissner - The Downtown Chicago residential market encompasses Chicago's prime real estate communities including the Loop/New East Side, The Gold Coast, South Streeterville, River North, River West, West Loop and the South Loop
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Bogus Sales Contracts - How They Are Created and How Appraisers Can Protect Themselves
Valuation Insights & Perspectives, July 2003
By Allen C. Keiter, MAI (former staff member) - A bogus contract purposely misleads the reader to believe the sale price is higher than the actual transaction price. In markets where bogus contracts are common,an unwary appraiser could use three clos
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No Further Action Letter's Status Can Change
Appraisal Journal, October 2002
by Allen Keiter, MAI (former staff member)- any appraisers feel that after a No Further Action letter is issued by a state environmental agency the responsible party and future property owners are absolved of financial responsibility for remediating
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Appreciating Chicago Condominiums
Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association, June 2001
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Mortgage Lenders and the Institutionalization and Normalization of Environmental Risk
Appraisal Jourmal, April 2001
by Richard J. Roddewig, MAI and Allen C. Keiter, MAI (Allen is a former staff member; Richard Roddewig is a principal at Clarion Associates) - Buyers and sellers of real estate, whether a personal residence, an income-producing investment, or a prope
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Prophesying, Prevaricating or Posturing - Appraisers Look into Their Crystal Balls to Answer the Ultimate Real Estate Question
panel member at NCREIF's Annual Conference, Palm Beach, Florida, October 2000

Residential Resurgence
ULI - The Urban Land Institute's Urban Land Magazine, September 2000
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CHA and the Marketplace
llinois Real Journal, August 1999
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Suburban Office Values - What's Next?
Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine, March 1999

A simple idea - Opinions, Appraisals and USPAP
AI Chicago Chapter News, February 1998

Retail Market Analysis, Why the Numbers Don't Add Up
Presentation and White Paper, NCREIF Valuation Committee, June 1995


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