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Dan Graver heads our independently staffed single family division that appraises thousands of homes (single family, attached, condos, co-op's, and 2-4 unit residential) for mortgage financing, refinancing, divorce, estate and gift transactions throughout the metropolitan area each year,
Quality, Turn around, Fees
We have built three characteristics into our business model that have contributed to our success in this market – responsiveness to client requests, experienced appraisers and investment in technology. Success led to growth which allowed for geographic specialization of our people creating more value for our clients. While a quality product is necessary for the mortgage lending process, we also appreciate the need of our clients for fast turn around and reasonable prices. Geographic specialization combined with advances in technology and our depth of staff accomplishes this need.

Geographic Coverage
The single-family appraisal business (including 1-4 unit residential property) has been part of Appraisal Research Counselors since the company was founded in 1968. While initially focused on the greater Chicago downtown market including condominiums and cooperatives in hi-rises to brownstones and detached single-family homes, this segment of our business has grown to a fully staffed organization serving the entire Chicago metropolitan area.

Web based status reports
Appraisal Research Counselors has made significant investments in technology that go well beyond the laptops and digital cameras common to most any appraisal practice. We have developed a web-based application that provides up to the minute status information from our team to our headquarters in downtown Chicago. But rather than require our clients “come to us”, we send the information to them. At the client’s request, Appraisal Research provides e-mail status reports where you are notified automatically when the status of an assignment changes. This includes notification of attempted inspection contacts, inspection appointments and problem situations. While we still place a high priority on personal contact with our clients, we often find the supplement of communication electronically assists in resolving delays in assignments.

Client Diversity
While the majority of our assignments are finance related (purchase, refinances, removal of PMI), we also complete a number of assignments for divorce proceedings (including law firms such as Rinella & Rinella) and other matters involving the potential for litigation. Several of our appraisers have qualified as expert witnesses in court.

For a more detailed summary of our capabilities in the single family property field, contact Dan Graver, Manager, Single Family Division of Appraisal Research Counselors at 312.565.3434 or by email at



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