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Our research mission is to save time and improve the quality of decisions. Because we listen, we understand your needs. We can help define the question and find the needle in the haystack. We are also well aware that research isn’t just data – its presentation. Our goal is research in a useable format.

Price/Rent Appreciation Trends
Our extensive research in the Chicago market extends back about ten years prior to our founding in 1968. This allows us to document trends through market facts. Examples include Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive land sales, apartment rents and condominium prices. Knowing the past helps us to better forecast the future. We will help you make better real estate decisions.

Demographic Patterns
We’ve assisted the City of Chicago, CHA, HUD, private developers and leading universities understand the shifting patterns of demography and the effect on real estate development, pricing and rents. Proper research is the only way to confirm the facts and address community concerns.

Neighborhood Comparison
Chicago has 77 community areas with hundreds of cities, towns and submarkets throughout the metropolitan area. We have worked in virtually all of them. Contact us when you need to know the income, pricing and rent trends or development patterns in a single neighborhood or when you need a macro level comparison between neighborhoods. Download

Market Studies
If you are developing or renovating a property, we can help you understand the competition and their effect on your pricing and investment returns. This can be vital in both the initial planning as well as securing construction loan/end loan financing. Services range from counseling and simple studies to well documented reports for inclusion in bond financing packages.

Cost Comparables
If your development costs are out of line with the marketplace, you may be handing your profit to a contractor. By knowing the competition, a better product can be designed that matches expenditures with the anticipated revenue stream. Architects design buildings. We can assist you in profitable development.

Sale Comparables
We have access to virtually ever real estate transfer in the metropolitan area and most major property throughout the United States. Research is our middle name, so we know who and what questions to ask to provide you with a more complete understanding of a specific transaction. If the data is all that you need for your report – contact us, we can help.

Lease Comparables
The intimate details of lease transactions are often difficult to come by. It depends to a large degree on who you know. We know the Chicago and Midwest real estate markets and we know who to call. Because we are not competing brokers, and we have an established reputation of trust in the marketplace, the facts are often more freely shared. We also know how to research SEC filings such as 8-k’s, 10-k’s and 10-Q’s.


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